The New Album-Yes it's coming

It's been several years since I've put out a full length project, only dropping a single every year or so. There are several reasons for that, none of them have do to with a lack of motivation on my part. I’d simply say that the shifting tides of life have steered things in other opposing, and somewhat devastating directions. Since my last project I’ve recorded nearly 3-albums worth of material, but reasons I won’t go into here, they will most likely never be heard.

But, what I can tell you is my new project WILL be out soon, and it features some of the greatest lyricists in the game. This includes tracks with Conway the Machine, Reks (music video coming soon), Planet Asia, Rasco, Methazulu, and EBF AKA Rascue of Various Blends. The best way to stay up on release dates is to either follow me on IG, or check here frequently.

As always, I appreciate your continued support.