Hip Hop Artist Grabs Trump By The Pu$$y



Remo Conscious releases new song, “TRUMP”, and music video




“Donald John Trump, you're a fucking asshole”, is how Oakland political rap artist Remo Conscious begins his new single, TRUMP. Along to a futuristic West Coast beat, also produced by the artist, Remo gives the controversial POTUS a verbal lashing. Speaking on Trump's xenophobia, racism, and pro war propaganda, Remo raps directly to the President, expressing his dislike for the Teflon Don.

“You hate the constitution and for which it stands

Such a bitch of a man, a crazy prick with a scam

A propagandist where everything's fictional or a sham

Just call it fake news if it doesn't fit with your plan”


In the chorus of the song, Remo uses the letters T.R.U.M.P. as an acronym to describe the artist's harsh disdain of Donald.

Tyrannical, Racist, Unconstitutional,

Misogynist, President, so unusual

Trump, you're a pig and a liar

The People have the power and we say YOU'RE FIRED!”


“I felt that I needed to write this song because of Trump's violent and dangerous behavior, and blatant disregard and hate for the diversity of people and culture that make this country. His racism should not be tolerated by anyone, his misogyny is grotesque. He is the most unqualified president we've had in my lifetime. I usually don't use so much explicit language in my music, but since this song is directed at Trump directly I felt it proper to give him a taste of his own medicine.”

Music Video

The music video for “TRUMP” was shot on a zero budget, and was Written, Directed, and Edited by Remo Conscious himself. “I had a bit of help from a friend that executed the shots I wanted. She has never filmed anything in her life but she did great. I would film her and show her what I wanted, and then she would repeat it. It may have taken a few tries, but she would nail it in the end.”


Remo Conscious first came into the spotlight after scoring the theme song for the movie Loose Change, which Vanity Fair called “the first internet blockbuster”. Residing in Oakland, California, self releasing 2 full-length LPs and a number of singles, Remo has continued to speak out on matters such as police brutality, the military industrial complex, and much more. Remo is currently working on his 3rd LP, which will be released this Summer.

Appearing on Russia Today with host Abby Martin in 2014, Remo said about his music, “I grew up listening to Public Enemy and KRS-ONE which had a major influence on me”. Carrying on the tradition of hardcore political hip-hop, Remo's message has stayed constant throughout his career.





Written and Performed by Remo Conscious ©2017

Verse 1

Donald John Trump, you're a fucking asshole
Raper of the rights, Lady Liberty's vandal
Wanna make America great, step down from the podium
If I wanted cartoons I'd turn to Nickelodeon
You tweet threats to other countries
Little cunt, please stop acting like a monkey
It's not a TV show, this is real life
Where real lives matter, even ones you don't like
Including Mexicans, and Muslims
You remind me of a sicko that sent people into ovens
You're on some third Reich shit
Hitler spoke the same language, anti birthright shit
White Supremacist celebrate your bigotry
Consider your election the White Mans victory
Now hate crime is on the rise
Jewish cemeteries are trashed, and at Mosques flames fly
And you continue to fan flames, with words of hate and fear
It's clear you're insane
In the name of patriotism you push your agenda
Of blatant racism, ignorance and disdain
For the constitution you swore to uphold
Bitch you're out of control
Behold the new Drone King, D.O.D.s wet dream
The New Teflon Don is a killing machine


Tyrannical, Racist, Unconstitutional, Misogynist, President
So delusional-Trump
You're a con and a thief
From Reality show to Commander in Chief
Tyrannical, Racist, Unconstitutional, Misogynist, President
So unusual-Trump
You're a pig and a liar
The People have the power and we say you're fired!

Verse 2

Pardon me you're majesty have I pissed you off
Spiting hate into your face like a Kalashnikov
Blasting holes in your facade, your truth, fabricated
You hide behind god, while speaking pure hatred
You loathe the courts, like a true dictator
You're a true dick
De-funding schools, while spending billions more on defense
And your war against climate protection is nonsense
Do you hate the planet or just don't understand?
Such a bitch of a man, a crazy prick with a scam
A propagandist where everything's fictional or a sham
Just call it fake news if it doesn't fit with your plan
You must have learned it from Bannon
A paranoid war monger at the helm of the cannon
Planning the next world war while you complain on Twitter
Mans head, kids brain, bullshit emitter


Verse 2

I'm not here to bash people that gave you their vote
Tricked like those that fell for Obama's message of Hope
You promised jobs, and safety, you know how to tell it
You're a business man Donny, you know how to sell it
You're a true psychopath, go get treatment
Will you resign or will it come to Impeachment
Your Allegiance isn't with the American People
It's with Raytheon, Exxon, Boeing, and Evil
It's sickening listening to the words you vomit
Honestly, your honesty is the opposite of honest
Get it, yes I'm calling you a liar
CEO, Mob Boss for the bloody empire
Just look at your cabinet
The swamp grew greedier, your word is plastic
You might end up being worse than Bush be
So if I see you in person I'm grabbing you by the pussy


Love, Peace, Freedom

"Love, Peace, Freedom" is a song I wrote on a plane from Oakland to NYC. "I'm floating heavy minded over plains of thought", is how the rhyme begins. I didn't really have a concept or an idea for the lyrics, but I had the music; I always make the music first. Then I just let the universe guide me and trust where it takes me."



"If there were a song that stands for my beliefs, it's this one. Everything stems from love. Without it we cannot have peace, or freedom. True freedom cannot exist if there is no peace. Peace of mind, body, and soul."

Love, Peace, and Freedom

Written, Produced, and Performed by Remo Conscious



I’m floating heavy minded over plains of thought

Dreaming of a place where people follow their hearts

Where material lust is a thing of the past

And corporations can't buy a mans soul with cash

And since money bought trouble, it was all burned

Love and respect would make the world turn

People would barter for goods, every hood had peace

In a land full of nourishment so all could eat

Picture no starvation, war between nations

Where every day is a celebration

And it’s ok to smile shake hands and hug

Cause to get a record deal you don’t have to be a thug

The ski is always clear, no smog and no tears

In the eyes of a child cause she’s living’ in fear

No guns or bullets, bombs or borders

No secret society, New World Order

Prisons don’t exist, cause crime is obsolete

Freedom is real and love rules the streets

Freedom is poetry over a fresh beat

And the sound of life never sounded so sweet

And just to make it complete there are no elite

All people are equal white, yellow, or brown feet

Smile at each other give a pound when they meet

Rather than grief, stress, bullet holes, or loose teeth


Say love, L.O.V.E.

What about peace, between you and me

And Freedom

Put your hand’s in the sky if you believe we can find it tonight

Say love l.o.v.e.

What about peace, between you and me

And Freedom


Can this place really exist or am I psychotic

Is this world we live in meant to be chaotic?

Little boys with guns fully loaded and heavy

Trigger finger steady, flesh torn like confetti

Bless those born ready, and wide-awake

Struggling for peace in a cold world of hate, poverty and disease

Enemies await armed in the shadows, each day a battle

Fighting with starvation or self annihilation

Life is full of complications

The media and school system have got your mind imprisoned

Trapped in a box of limited thought and vision

From Pediatrician to Mortician, the struggle is continuous

Just paying the rent takes every last cent

The present quickly turns to past tense

Homicide by drive by or government

They spend billions on bombs but neglect the war on the streets

Where kids commit crimes just to eat

Dying on crippled blocks, where tax money seems to funds

Dirty cops who play god with guns

The schools are left in shambles

Making the future for the planet that we cherish a gamble

My pockets are full of lint but if I had the money

I wouldn’t buy diamonds, I’d feed the hungry



Which is the road to peace and happiness?

Smiles and sunshine, love and fun times

No more bombs, tanks or gun times

Or minorities placed on the front lines

I dream of these things like a fiend In the night

Holding the mic like a pipe, looking for light

I want to inhale my daughter smile and exhale relief

Knowing that she can live in peace

Sometime tears run down my cheek chasing dreams

Where ghettos turn to gold and sour living turns sweet

Where pain turns to joy, the smiles replace the frowns on every face

Girls and boys know that they have a place

In this world living free from oppression, in a land where complexion

Can mean either life or death have and have not

That’s why we have got to make a change

For social justice in a nation of deranged men

Greedy for control of your soul

It’ll change when we organize and wise up

We’ve got to join as one and rise up if we really want


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